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We have created ready to use at home servicing kit to service your Hair Systems.
The kit contains tapes and solvent to clean and reattach your system at home. The kit should last for a month. The kit will cost you Rs. 800 plus shipping charges.
You can order the kit at home or collect it from our center.

You can follow the video below to help you service your Hair System at home. If you still face any concerns in home self service, our team will be a call away.
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Home Kit
Rs. 800
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Rs. 100

DIY Video: Hair System Home Maintenence

Things in your home toolkit

  • battery_full Half solvent filled spray bottle
  • label_important 1 packet of 36 tapes

Steps to follow

  1. Remove the hair system by spraying the solvent from the spray bottle.
  2. After removing the system from your scalp, remove the tape and clean the edges using the solvent and cotton.
  3. Wash your system with Shampoo and conditioner. Do not use Hot Water.
  4. Use a clean towel and remove excess water from the Hair System by rolling it to avoid tangling of hair.
  5. Use a paddle brush to straighten out the hair from inside to outisde motion.
  6. Take out 4 tapes and apply on 4 sides but only on the border of the Hair System.
  7. With a 4 finger distance from your forehead, start placing the syetem from top to behind.